Wednesday, November 3, 2010

gud bye..sewing machine!

im not sure 'bout my own decision at this moment.
after a very long argument discussion with my dearest hubby, we decided to rent my lovely sewing machine to our friend since he will start a new sewing biz.

am i happy?
not sure. huhu..

i love to sew but the things will turn out to be something different from what i imagine before. hehe.
yup..i not gifted with such talent like others.
may be, by rent it out can cover the amount that i'd spend to buy those machine.
did i mentioned..i have 2 machines! lol ;p

p/s: later will upload the machines' pictures


  1. mesin jahit tepi n jahit lurus. both heavy duty nyer machine.nape maria?

  2. akhirnye dh jual dh mesin2 ni ;p